Young Haute Hollywood

These 7 young talented people are all quickly making their name in the Hollywood industry. Their stories are inspirational and definitely motivation to any young people trying to claim a stake for themselves in Tinseltown. Enjoy!

Julien Marlon Samani-French, young and hot in Hollywood

Julien is quickly making a name for himself. With a very passive nature and friendly attitude he is climbing the ladder of stardom faster than most. His looks may have a little something to do with it, but his talent is not something to overlook.

Born in Lyon, France Julien lived with his Mother and Father (who traveled a lot) and at six years old moved to St. Barths for two years, then at eight moved back to Lyon until he was seventeen and finished high school.

After High school he moved alone to Montreal, Canada to attend John Molson School of Business at Concordia University where he studied finance and Marketing. Two weeks after being in Montreal he was scouted on the streets by NEXT models. He decided to give it a shot and modeled throughout college. He always had a love for acting but his parents didn’t think it was a valuable career. Without the parental influences surrounding him and he was living on his own; he decided he really wanted to get into acting. His last year of college he took his first acting workshop in Montreal.

Meanwhile his modeling career was thriving. He booked two worldwide Diesel Campaigns. Both of them where Adidas had launched a jean line with Diesel.

He was featured in St. Barth’s Magazine, He was on a billboard for a Canadian campaign for ECKO, and his face was in every sports store for a Canadian athletic brand called Athletes of the World.

He started acting and booked three small lead roles in Canadian TV shows.

In 2012 Julien decided to give LA a shot. He was determined to get into the acting world. His transition to the US wasn’t an easy one. He planned on coming to LA for 2.5 months as a tourist to get a vibe of the city and see if he would fit and take some workshop classes. He was only able to take part time classes otherwise he wouldn’t be considered a tourist.

While at the border to enter the USA The immigration officer claimed he was trying to come in as a student without a student visa, he took the decision of blocking and banning Julien into the U.S. This took two months to solve. Lawyers were involved and finally he was re-allowed back to the states.

On January 8, 2013, Julien officially moved to Los Angeles as a tourist. He had three months to receive a legit work visa (01 entertainment Visa, which is extremely hard to get)

His Agent Carol Scott made an exception. CESD Print sponsored his modeling for three years. While in La he got deeper into acting, taking various workshops and classes at different studios throughout the city, He is now studying Meisner at Sandy Marshal’s studio and being coached by Kevin Will.

The end of June 2013, Julien attended an acting workshop for new talent. One manager was blown away by his talent and with no resume he was brought in to sign with Charles Skouras who currently works at StageCoach Entertainment. Thanks to his new management, Julien was able to sign (theatrically and commercially) with a prestigious talent agency in Los Angeles: Sovereign Talent, where he is represented by Susan Havins

Since then he has booked a phone print commercial in Saudi Arabia, the winter 2014 UGG commercial and just recently finished filming a principal role in the pilot of the new Robert Rodriguez TV series called Matador, which will air on El Rey. Most notably he just booked a worldwide Volkswagen New Beetle AD campaign and JBL Worldwide Print Campaign.

In Julien’s own words “Modeling pays the bills. I like it, but I love acting. I use my modeling money for acting classes and workshops.”

In the future his goal is to be a series regular on a TV show as well as working his way up to the big screen.

I have no doubt he can’t do it. Julien is driven and determined. Keep an eye on him because he may be in the movies next time you go!

Alyssa Ramos: LA’s socialite and blogger extraordinaire

Now, known as one of LA’s social butterflies and blogger extraordinaire, Alyssa is from South Florida’s Jupiter/Palm Beach area and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Florida State University. After a mid-20’s crisis (a breakup, quitting a job, and a Vegas trip) she found herself visiting LA for the weekend to get away, and ended up falling in love…with the city that is. She extended her visit for another couple months with the help of some amazing friends while deciding whether she should move to the City of Angels. Finally she let fate take it’s course, and canceled her flight back home.

She landed a job as a journalist for Splash Magazines but it was an unpaid position in exchange for room and board. A mutual friend to the Editor-in-Chief of ICON magazine then introduced her where she began writing and interviewing celebrities.

The first year of living in LA was a little rough financially, she was only making enough to pay the bills by doing freelance ghostwriting jobs through Elance and Craigslist, but just being able to live in LA was more than compensating. Before long, Alyssa was integrated into the Hollywood social scene, and began attending elite parties and events with the who’s-who of Hollywood. She struggled with negative assumptions and stereotypes about her motives and sources of income, which only further motivated her to be a published writer.

Fortunately she met a CAA literary agent who soon became one of her best friends and mentors. He recognized her writing talent and asked her to submit a feature film length dramatic screenplay at the time about how she was held hostage in Ireland by her boyfriend. When it was submitted he said “This is good…but you are a 25 year old socialite in Hollywood, you should be writing about that.” So that’s when her blog came to fruition. She tested it out knowing it would have positive and negative feedback due to her sarcastic and obnoxious writing style, which some people find pretentious, and others find entertaining.

While working on her own writing projects, Alyssa was in need of supplemental income so applied to basically any freelance writing job that she could find. Fate (and good email writing skills) struck again when she fortunately landed a job as an assistant to a publicist (Lindsay Lohan’s ex publicist) at The Honig Company. It turned out (no surprise) she was great at publicity and was promoted to junior publicist and also referred to other clients for social media and content. Through word of mouth Alyssa was able to attain three big named clients in which she created her own PR company Alyssa Ramos PR while still working at the company she was hired for and writing her blog.

Right now she is currently working on a “My Life’s a Movie” young adult book series, which is loosely based on her blog, that will be like a mix between Gossip Girl & Sex and the City, but based in Hollywood. The first book in the series is expected to be released in the fall of 2014. She also currently has two eBooks published on Amazon Kindle. You can find Alyssa writing on her laptop by a pool, frequenting the local “hot spots” for a glass of wine, and lunching with her gal pals around the city.

To stay updated on Alyssa read her cynically funny blog

Instagram: @alyssaramos44

Twitter: @alyssaramos


“Watch out- The Wolf of Street Wear is Coming” –Taav Cooperman

At only 21 years old Taav is already making a name for himself in Hollywood. He is a true entrepreneur in street wear clothing, a club promoter and runs his own marketing business.

Born and raised in Southern California Taav has two older brothers. His oldest brother Tommy Coups is in a band Breathe Carolina, most known for their platinum selling single “Black Out”. Their new album Savage was just released. They will be performing in Warped Tour on the main stage.

His other brother Tal Cooperman is his business partner. Together they run CRSL clothing; standing for (California Raised Staying Legendary) which launched two years ago in Vegas. A street wear brand that sells t-shirts, cut off T’s and hoodies. CRSL brought the cut off sleeves back and made them cool again.

The shirts range from $30 and under. This line is blowing up and about to be in all the big stores including Zumiez, Brooklyn Projects and Tilly’s. They are going to eventually expand on hats and socks but keeping it minimal. A new shirt was just launched inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street titled Straton Oakmont, CRSL. Which sold out immediately.

Their investor owns the biggest printing company in street wear design, Liquid Graphics. Everything is made in Los Angeles. Ambassadors for CSRL are Austin Carlie (Of Mice and Men) and Matty Kurlz (Hollywood Undead)

Taav also runs a marketing business titled Three Fallen Angels. He works with Resq Water, anti-hangover water that seems to be the ultimate hangover cure. They have some of the biggest Ambassadors in the company. Check out @resqwater on IG to see who they are!

He currently promotes for hot spots in the LA nightlife: Bootsy Bellow, Warwick and a new addition to LA, The Attic.

Taav’s future plans are to have CRSL known as a household name and brand. He hopes to be in the same league as companies like: The Hundreds, Crooks and Castles and RVCA.

With the way things are going I’m pretty sure these dreams will become a reality in no time.

You can stay up to date on Taav by following him on Instagram: @taavcooperman

Check out CRSL clothing

Resq Water:

Candice Lorraine: Not just another pretty face

Candice isn’t just another model in LA. She has a goal to make an impact on the industry. Growing up she was always stressing about her body. Magazines show rail thin models, which make young girls impressionable. She wants to show the fashion world you can be beautiful with curves. “It’ s hard to make people believe it’s attractive and accepted being a normal size because of the media”.

She’s finally confident in herself and her body. “Curvy is more sexy in the street wear world, it needs to be more accepted in the fashion world.” She wants to make her mark in the very tough fashion industry, to help girls gain a better perspective on body image and change the way media portrays models.

Candice was born and raised in Northern California. She’s been modeling since she was thirteen, traveling back and forth to LA for modeling jobs. Candice was signed with LA Models from 14-16 years old. She then signed with Wonder Management who she is still currently signed with. Earlier modeling work includes Teen Vogue, Teen Magazine, Grace Willard, Macy’s and LA Fashion Week.

She made a promise to herself when she was eighteen she would finally take the leap and move to Los Angeles the city of dreams. So with $200 in her pocket and nowhere to live she packed up and drove to LA. Now she is booking major jobs and roles. With hard work and dedication it has paid off.

She’s been here three years now and has booked a Guess (online campaign), Last winter had a role in six episodes of True Blood in which she played a fairy, she recently modeled Lilly Ghalichi’s (Shah’s of Sunset) new swim wear line: Have Faith Swim Wear. Other jobs she’s done include:, Graffini’s Swimwear, Stussy and many more. There are a lot of upcoming things in the works but we can’t discuss them since they are under contract. Just know Candice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Stay up to date with Candice on Instagram: @candicelorraine_

nicky1 copy

Nicky Belardo “The Rock Star Next Door”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Nicky began training in hip-hop dance at a young age and landed gigs around the city. His talent was recognized and was asked to join a local choir. Fast forward several years and Nicky is in the running for a hosting gig with Radio Disney AM1260. He booked the job and spent the next year traveling around Ohio hosting shows for thousands of kids.

In 2008, Nicky had his eyes set on Hollywood and was ready to take on the industry. With $150 dollars to his name he moved to downtown Los Angeles slept on his friends couch for three months while getting situated. His very first job as luck would have it was at Club Nokia’s private VIP entrance. All those concerts were enlightening and educating him for what he had in store for his future. Not knowing later he would be the one performing there.

While doing headshots with photographers Mario and Tnah they decided to transform this mid western boy into a rock star. They took him under their wing and he was completely transformed from head to toe.

He was signed with Models International and shot with some of the biggest photographers to date including: Tony Duran and Jenn Hoffman. Jenn & Nicky’s partnership was profound which lead them to be featured in a spread together in T&M magazine.

He then got involved in commercial print where he modeled an Ad campaign for Axe; which lead him to a few on screen small parts in: Dinner for Schmucks, The Social Network and he was one of the fraternity brothers on the hit TV show Greek.

While shooting for various clothing lines in Venice, Nicky happened to be singing while getting dressed and randomly his talent blew a wardrobe stylist away so she introduced him to music producer Mike Castonguay.

Nicky was no where near a professional musician, but they got together and laid down his first three songs: Someone you used to know, Summer love song and Look to the Sky (which he wrote about being homesick and missing his family),

Eventually Nicky had eight original songs released on iTunes and was performing them around various fashion events and parties. Ironically, Nicky’s first main stage performance was at Club Nokia in downtown, LA. This was where his first job was years before when he first moved to Los Angeles.

Nicky was hired to write a song for a charity: 93 cents for flight 93. Titled “Heroes”.

His normal genre was always Country/Rock & Roll. He stepped out of his comfort zone for the next few songs and made them a bit edgier. Songs titled Romeo and Wild Wonder. Soon after his songs were released people started to take notice.

In 2012, a producer for a TV show “Duets” contacted him. He wound up auditioning on video (the night before it was due) in his kitchen singing Bed of Roses by Bon Jovie. Kelly Clarkson saw the audition tape and chose him to mentor as one of the top 9 contestants for the show and had the privilege of performing with Kelly Clarkson.

Since his time on the show Nicky has been having a great time writing, recording and performing his music. Most recently, Nicky booked a headlining gig in Las Vegas to celebrate the Lunar New Year. He performed three nights for countless amounts of people.

Stay tuned for what’s next for Nicky as his career is taking exciting leaps forward.

Hear his music here:

Follow him on IG: nickybelardo

Jason3 copy

Jason Marello: A New York guy with an Edgy LA Vibe.

Jason is not the typical LA guy. He’s humble and has more of an east coast personality. Hard work has paid off for him as he has managed to book many modeling jobs including two that landed him on billboards in LA and NYC.

Born and raised in Rochester New York, Jason moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was fifteen. After graduating from Montclair Prep he joined the family life insurance business and began working a 9-5 job. Realizing this wasn’t the career path he wanted he left the family business and attended film school at the New York Film Academy in LA.

Jason got involved in acting and modeling and starred in numerous student and independent films.

He signed with Coast-to-Coast Talent Agency for print and fitness modeling where he booked campaigns for Hugo Boss (commercial/print), Mercedes Benz (commercial), Volkswagen (commercial), Nike, Reebok, Harley Davidson and Verizon (print), Bud light (print) and featured a role in the TV series Monk. He did a billboard/campaign for Livestrong. Lance Armstrong’s company and Jason was Mr. February 2013 for the Man VS Machine calendar.

Recently, Jason booked a national campaign for Corrona National University. Belvedere Vodka (print) and the Ollo Clip, which will be coming out in Verizon stores soon.

Jason was a lead role in a movie being pitched right now titled East Sandstone.

On the side Jason has a passion for art. His work can be seen in “The Gallery” in Santa Monica where his work is selling on a regular basis. He is currently in the process of opening his own gallery where he plans on teaching classes, exhibiting and selling artwork and giving back to the community that has given him so much to be thankful for in life.

Watch out for him on billboards, TV and magazines, and check out his art as well! This guy is Uber talented!

To keep up with Jason you can follow him on Instagram @nowthatsbetter


28 year old Joe Slaughter who is most known as the lead bad boy in the dance movie STEP UP 3D is now touring as Cher’s main back up dancer. As we know having a career in dance is very challenging with so much competition but Joe seems to be one step ahead of the rest.

HLS: When did you start dancing and what types of dance do you do?

JOE: I started dancing when I was 5. My mom used to take me to my sisters ballet class to babysit me. I started begging her to put me in the classes with her. Eventually, to shut me up, she obliged. Within 2 years I was in all styles including jazz and lyrical. My sister had stopped dancing at that point entirely.

HLS: You’re currently on tour with Cher, how’s it going?

Tour has been an amazing experience. I’ve been on other tours but this camp is the best of the best. From the talent to the crew. Cher truly is an icon and she proves that in her presence on and off the stage everyday.

JOE: What do you do in your free time on the road?

We actually have a pretty easy schedule which allows for a lot of down time. Since we visit a new city every other day it’s always fun to explore the city we are in. I also find myself reading a lot and keeping a journal. Times like these you want to remember for the rest of your life

HLS: What are you other major dance accomplishments?

JOE: I’ve been very blessed in my dancing career. I’ve toured with other big artist as well as numerous commercials and I’ve even been in a dance movie or two.(Step up 3, Dance High) All in all dancing has encompassed every facet of my career in this industry. Whether it’s a dance, acting or modeling job.

HLS: What is your dream performance to star in?

JOE: I really want to continue down the film path. I’ve always had a vision in producing a film that encompasses song and dance the same as an old school Hollywood production. Like ‘Singin in the Rain’ for example. Using long well rehearsed single shot numbers and using big studio soundstage as a means for location. There is a magic in that, and I think Hollywood has temporarily misplaced it.

HLS: Do you have any other upcoming tours?

JOE: No, Cher is the only one on the horizon for now. I’m not sure I would even tour again after this. This is kind of a pinnacle of touring in that regard and I want to focus on other aspects of my career.

HLS: What’s your over all goal for your career?

JOE: I have goals and an overall direction I want to go like producing, maybe being a leading actor. Ultimately I accredit a lot of my success to being able to go wherever the wind takes me. It truly is the artist lifestyle and I’ve been doing it like this since I moved to LA 7 years ago. Successfully. Thankfully.

HLS: Any other exciting news to tell us?

JOE: Just come see the show if you can and keep an eye out on the big screen for me. Oh and if you want to follow my day to day’s, my social media handle is @joeslaughter1

Joe was interviewed by our own: Alyssa Ramos ;)



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